Fly Friday #186 The Comparadun Olive by Allan Liddle

Hook: Partridge L5A Dry Fly Supreme size 10-16
Thread: 8/0 yellow Uni thread
Tail: Pinch of nylon bristles or Micro Fibbets
Wing: Natural Short Fine Deer Hair, or Comparadun Deer Hair
Thorax: Light Olive Rabbit / Hares Ear dubbing mix with (optional) pinch of Dark Olive Glister mixed through

Simple to tie and gives excellent results especially once the fish 'lock onto' duns and excels in slower 'smooth' water.

Good on still waters as an easy to fish and robust olive imitation, works well in black as a general insect imitation as well.  The wing means it stands out well in faster water so can be very effective as a general searching pattern and if tied with dark brown thread and wing split with a figure of eight so you get a flat profile wings on either side of the fly, makes an excellent spinner imitation.